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Visit China's largest sporting goods market

Guangzhou Railway Station is a magical place. The 90s train station square, is said to be a sneeze luggage wallet child will disappear a magical land; and now the Guangzhou Railway Station, with the degree of risk coefficient decreased with the magic, but still be able to peep in the vicinity of one or two.
Several close to the wholesale market, so that this has become the national people and many foreign friends in Southeast Asia procurement, purchase holy land. Tie boxes, red and white blue woven bags, and trailers are standard configurations in this area, carrying a wide range of women's wear, children's wear, underwear, and adult products. From the Russian and Russian men was occupied by Station Road, turn into the path, the birthplace of the National People's health appeared: welcome to Adult supplies market in Guangdong.
There are countless small pawnshops in the market, not as colorful as street shops, and their names are less erotic. The market in the light, also like "pawn shop name Jinyuan Tiande", "Hong Dian", "gadeborg" rustic see doorway name.
Although it is a spice market, it is more like a kindergarten. That's right. Everywhere, a kid with a fight, a small stool, a child sitting next to a penis, a child in a pram. Since pawnshops are mostly husband and wife stalls, children who have nowhere to go on weekends can only bring it here. Looking at a couple of boys and girls running mad, I seem to see something in the garden of eden.
"Why don't you give me one more try?"! Do you believe it or not?!" The garden of Eden must be filled with such a song and laughter.
In the face of these old field predecessors, I will set his identity as a sex toy is about to enter the community after a rookie, graduates can not find work, ready to open a sex shop with friends unemployed young people. In order to fully cooperate with the new identity, I compiled their own early origin, schools, professional, and after graduation employment experience, as well as positioning, store and initial investment, family view and so on, and selected a developed area, advance research data of the the rent.
This is all ready, in order to make themselves more into play: one has become chaotic before, because of the big and look overweeningly ambitious, a young man.
The long, natural chaos.
The children were making noise, and the adults were sleeping. My first goal is to lock a bored young man playing mobile phone.
What goods do you take?" A thick northeast accent, I was staring at the wall full of sexy lingerie brewing prologue I rescued. I immediately resorted to half a northeastern accent, began to climb the villagers, which opened the chatterbox.
After listening to my imaginary street stall, MLM cheated buy clothes experience, the brothers to sincere words and earnest wishes to me and said: "brother, to enter this line must be cautious! Although sex is something that just needs to be done, it has been in a state of weakness for the past two years. 08 years, the SARS has made the adult goods industry turn over, the Olympic Games let the media fire, but do you know what means after the peak?"
It is an international perspective.
A series of professional terminology has stunned me, I was shaking his head.
"After the peak, it means downhill all the time, brother."!" He said meaningfully.
I nodded thoughtfully.
"Come on, don't be so exciting," he continued. "You see this thing every day, can it still be exciting?""
With reason。
After a few sticks, he gave me a few more tricks:
1, condom type whole whole set
Full set.
"Don't look at our wholesale, do not expect this thing to make money, box by piece to earn, but for retail is not the same.". You can make a few boxes of this stuff. And then make it whole, special, what sets of women, luminous sets, convex, spiral, scented, whole points, not unusual. Although do not expect these money, but as long as people come to take these scare him, after those big things you can not say how much is how much?"
2, as far as possible to high-end
This work is called: you are the prisoner of desire.
"I have often come to take the goods of regular customers, the earliest in the Tianhe City side shop, shop only sells high-end stuff, he does not sell cheap. The shop is now open to three. By the way, do you do online shop?" (I stared blankly he forgot to nod) "you do not shop words really have to do high-end, you sell cheap goods, why people from your shop ah, after Taobao search turned all cheaper than yours! Expensive is not the same, they dare not buy online, still have to buy in the physical store. Tianhe City that dude, shop motionless that thousands of fellow, the purchase price is also five hundred or six hundred, you sell this month two utilities do not have!"
3, a little high-tech
"You'll get what people mold, live sound, what will heat shock; or to several U.S. imports of aircraft cup, and beer bottle shape. Now people like this, a little high-tech, you know?" Then he took a big box from the shelf next to it. "You see this, Zhang Xiaoyu live mold, 100% vocalizations, China first nude model!"
"Have you tried?"" I asked.
"That's not, but I do not ask, no different from the mold mold. It's nothing. Nobody returns anything. Sell one."
"What's the cry like?" Let me hear it."
The half brother unwinding ordered lengshi noise
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